Export services

As part of its comprehensive range of services, B2B Matchmaking offers export services tailored to meet the needs of businesses looking to expand their global operations. With their extensive network and expertise in international trade, B2B Matchmaking provides end-to-end solutions for exporting goods and services. Their export services cover various critical aspects, including logistics management, documentation support, customs compliance, and transportation arrangements. By utilizing these services, businesses can ensure seamless and efficient export processes, allowing them to enter new markets and capitalize on international opportunities.

Matchmaking services

B2B Matchmaking is a leading provider of advanced matchmaking services that specialize in connecting businesses. They recognize the significance of strategic partnerships and excel in facilitating collaborations between companies with complementary offerings or shared objectives. Through their vast database and personalized approach, they effectively identify potential partners, initiate introductions, and facilitate negotiations. By leveraging the comprehensive matchmaking services offered by B2B Matchmaking, businesses can forge valuable alliances, explore joint ventures, and expand their market reach through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Export Consultants

B2B Matchmaking is proud to offer a team of highly skilled export consultants who specialize in providing expert guidance to businesses involved in global trade. These consultants possess extensive knowledge of international markets, trade regulations, and industry trends. By engaging the services of B2B Matchmaking's export consultants, businesses can benefit from tailored export strategies, in-depth market research, and comprehensive export planning. These consultants provide valuable insights into target markets, assist with market entry strategies, and offer support in regulatory compliance. With their expertise, businesses can mitigate risks, enhance their export operations, and gain a competitive advantage in international markets.

Trade missions

In order to support and enhance business growth and expansion, B2B Matchmaking takes the initiative to organize trade missions to essential international markets. These trade missions offer participating businesses exceptional opportunities to explore new markets, establish connections, and showcase their products and services. B2B Matchmaking takes care of all the details of the trade missions, including itinerary planning, coordinating business matchmaking events, and organizing networking activities. By participating in trade missions led by B2B Matchmaking, businesses can gain valuable market insights, engage in significant meetings with potential partners or customers, and establish strategic alliances that drive growth in new territories.


Recognizing the importance of industry exhibitions, B2B Matchmaking offers valuable assistance to businesses looking to participate in relevant trade shows and exhibitions around the world. They provide comprehensive exhibition management services that cover every aspect, from booth design and construction to logistics coordination and promotional activities. B2B Matchmaking ensures that businesses leave a lasting impact at exhibitions by creating captivating brand experiences and facilitating meaningful interactions with potential clients and partners. By exhibiting at trade shows with the support of B2B Matchmaking, businesses can effectively showcase their products, generate leads, and stay informed about industry trends, all while maximizing their return on investment.

Private Business Mission

At Private Business Mission, we understand the challenges you face in navigating unfamiliar markets, dealing with cold calls, and uncertain leads.
Expanding your business globally can be a daunting task, but our mission is to make it easier for you.
That's why we have developed a solution that empowers you to connect directly with pre-qualified buyers and investors who are actively searching for the offerings your company provides the solution is Private Business Mission.
With our unparalleled efficiency, we aim to alleviate the obstacles that often hinder business growth and help you achieve success in your global expansion efforts.