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The art of comprehending the requirements of each business entity and effectively aligning them with the appropriate decision-makers at the opportune moment.

Facilitating well-arranged meetings through a combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence. This ensures that both parties possess the necessary information prior to the meeting, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful transactions.

Empowering the exchange of Request for Quotation (RFQ) and price lists before and after meetings, fostering a mutually beneficial agreement between the involved parties.

Key Sectors

Food & Beverage


Building Material & Construction

Engineering Industries

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices


B2B Machmaking: Enterprise 360 Matchmaking & Meetings Solution

The B2B Machmaking technology enables the matching of companies and professionals based on their business potential. Through qualified matching, B2B Machmaking users gain access to personalized match lists consisting of relevant business profiles. Whether it's face-to-face or online, users can engage in pre-arranged and qualified meetings. By focusing on targeted networking, B2B Machmaking helps increase ROI, connect with ideal prospects, and achieve higher levels of trade and transaction.

B2B Machmaking provides a magical meeting experience by focusing on the following:

1-Qualified Matches: Ensuring that the matches generated are of high quality and compatibility at a business level.

2-RFQs and Quotations: Facilitating the exchange of Request for Quotations (RFQs) and quotations, streamlining the procurement process.

3-Signed Contracts: Assisting in the completion of signed contracts, ensuring a secure and reliable business agreement.

4-Shipping & Payment Options: Offering convenient and flexible shipping and payment options to facilitate smooth transactions.

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Working with B2B Matchmaking has been a game-changer for our business. Their platform provided us with targeted matchmaking and qualified meetings that directly contributed to our success. The data collection and post-show metrics offered valuable insights that helped us make informed decisions. The team at B2B Matchmaking demonstrated exceptional industry knowledge and innovation, making the entire process seamless and efficient. We highly recommend B2B Matchmaking to any company looking to expand their network and achieve tangible results in the B2B space.

John SmithCEO of ABC Company - B2B Matchmaking


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