Finance and Investment EXHIBITION 2018

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It’s the second forum to fund the SMEs companies with the participation of over than 20 financing authorities of various fields in collaboration with (USAID-SEED)
The forum aimed to provide bilateral meetings for both the financing authorities and the SMEs to facilitate the investment procedures – and is being held with the participation of 20 Egyptian funding agencies in various fields under the auspices of the USAID-SEED program. :The forum aims to 1 – Provide opportunities for banks and financial institutions to support investment plans in more than 500 companies in various sectors of trade, industry and agriculture. 2 – Facilitate real opportunities for Egyptian businessmen and small investors wishing to obtain financial services and investment advice. 3 – Training the participants in the forum on how to prepare the credit file as well as the development of a feasibility study in accordance with the requirements of the financing agencies and the Central Bank. 4 – Provide opportunities for financial leasing companies and discounting in the provision of investment services to small investors. Target Audiences: 1. Gentlemen of the Egyptian companies registered small and medium and able to provide three budgets approved 2. Gentlemen wishing to know about the products of investment banks. 3. Banks and financial institutions wishing to finance small and medium enterprises. :Training and qualification A team of specialized trainers will provide training to SMSE participants on how to prepare the credit file so that companies will know the requirements of banks to obtain financing and how to calculate interest. Participants will also know how to prepare feasibility studies and identify financial products offered by financial leasing companies. Factoring companies. :Participating funding bodies 1- Public and private banks operating in Egypt 2- Financial Leasing and Factoring Companies. 3 – International bodies supporting small and medium enterprises bilateral meetings were held between the bank’s credit managers, financial leasing and factoring companies at the Grand Hyatt Nile Tower Hotel With the participation of some of the local and foreign banks such as the National Bank of Egypt, National Bank of Qatar, Commercial International Bank, Industrial Development Bank, Agricultural Bank National Bank of Kuwait, Beit El Khebra and Al-Ahli Kuwaiti Leasing Company.

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Egypt, Cairo

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Finance and investment

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