Monitoring and evaluation the importers

We help you to examine the importers which you need to deal with them, and give a monitoring and evaluation report for their business ,to make you sure that’s your importers have the creditability to deal with them.

We examine and monitoring the importers companies from a lot of points, such as

  1. Company’s age;
  2. Business volume;
  3. Reputation;
  4. Strong solvency;
  5. Strong network of local distributors;
  6. Annual imports.
  7. Credit ratings

Other factors specified in the business paper sent by you will be considered and the selection of imports will be based on the demands of exporters in the previous point.

B2B evaluation

After collect the information our team analysis this information and put Commercial classification help your company take decision related to the deals such as payments method…etc

Classification A+

Classification A

Classification B+

Classification B

Classification C

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