13 March
National Pool Wholesaler

The Ultimate National Pool Wholesaler!

If you are buying a new house and you have a backyard, what do you think is missing? Yes, a swimming pool is what is missing from every backyard. If you are looking for a company to sell you some cool pools, search no more because you reached the right doorstep. National Pool Wholesaler is "it" when it comes to swimming pools.

This company sells everything related to pools starting from pool liners to the chemicals used in sanitization. In other words, this company sells each and every item that you could think of swimming pool related. All the products are made in the US and that assures you a great quality. Beware of the fake Chinese. These products come without a former guarantee.

This company offers all items needed for a swimming pool. It has in ground pools, above ground pools and Splasher pools.

 Types Of Pools Offered By National Pool Wholesaler:

1) Inground pools

If you are looking for a luxurious pool, in ground ones might be a good option. Vinyl liner pools have great flexibility when it comes to the shape, size in addition to color. Another advantage of Vinyl-lined pools is that it is made of non-porous material. Unlike concrete- lined pools, Vinyl pools will not need heavy maintenance and will not enhance algae growth. Since it has no pores, algae do not have anything to attach to and thus, an algae- free pool.

2) Above ground pools

Above the ground pools come in both oval and round shape. Above the ground pools are made of a wide variety of materials. There are steel pools, hybrid pools and finally aluminum pools. If turning a boring backyard to a fun one on a hot summer day, above the ground pool is the answer...

A) Steel pools.

Steel pools are what you are looking for if you want a heavy-duty pool. Surely you have fears regarding steel and its tendency towards rusting. However, worry no more, the steel pools are manufactured by using hi- technology which ensures a rush- free pool and years and years of non-stop fun.

B) Hybrid pools

  Hybrid pools have the same strength as steel pools in addition to the resin. The resin is so great since it does not rust, undergo corrosion or expand when subjected to heat.

C) Aluminum pools

For those who are looking for saltwater pools, aluminum pools are the option they must take. Moreover, aluminum does not rust.

D) Splash pools.

If you are afraid to make a commitment and dig in or install large pools, National pool Wholesaler Company has provided you with an answer. Galvanized Splash pools are a great option for those who do not have a great space and want a temporary pool.

Another product that the company has is liners.

1) Above the ground pool liners

Who does not like stickers? The pool liners can turn any dull boring pool to an interesting one.

2) Pool cove

All pools need a cove. But what is a cove to start with?

 A cove is an essential outer part lining a pool.  The reason behind the importance of this cove is to prevent the water from forming a balloon under the wall of a pool.

3) In ground pool coping

Pool coping enables you to install Vinyl liners. They come in three different types; cantilever, bullnose and progressive.

4) Wall foam liner

Wall foam liner is the shield that protects the liner from constant friction with the wall of the pool. This foam wall protects the liner against tearing and puncturing of the pool's liner.

National Pool Wholesaler

Lightning and landscape of National Pool Wholesaler.

A) Floating light

If you want to add a cool touch to your pool, then a lightening system is what you are looking for. Add a group of floating lights; this will give the pool a cool disco effect. The floating lights will blow your guests mind.

B) LED bulbs

If you want to change any of the LED bulbs in your in ground pool, the company will provide you with a replacement. We also have color LED bulbs that satisfy every customer's needs.

C) Lightning kits

Enhance your above the ground pool with lightening kit of your choice. If this does not make your pool stand out than I do not know what will.

D) Fountains

Who does not want fountains decorating their pools? The wide selection of fountains and waterfalls will add a sophisticated hue to your ordinary pool. Impress your guests with your great pool that has an amazingly outstanding fountain.

E) Water features

If you are looking for tranquility, then the new wok setup is what has been missing from your pool. This setup has the tendency of making soothing waterfall effect that will add a relaxing effect to your pool.

Create your own spa by only simple additions that you will only find within the walls of the company. After installing water features you will not have something to look forward to after a busy day at work.

National Pool Wholesalers’ Safety.

Safety is the company's number 1 priority. Thus, the company sells several gadgets that will ensure safety.

A) Alarms.

Alarms will help you in cases of unsupervised entry in your pool. If anyone sets foot inside the pool without supervision, the alarm will alert you of this entry. If you have children, this is the only helpful way to make sure you spend summer time with minimal accidents.

B) Safety equipment.

Every pool owner must have some safety equipment in cases of emergency. A safety hook is a must have the equipment. If a person seems to be drowning this tool must be used at once. It helps in pulling people out of the water. Further, safety ropes are safety equipment. Safety ropes are to be installed inside in ground pools to mark deeper parts of a pool. These safety pieces of equipment will reduce accidents greatly.

C) Fences

If you have kids, ensure safety by installing a fence to protect people from falling into the pool. This safety precaution will add some peace of mind to your summer. There is a fence to match both inground pools and above the ground ones.