19 April
B2B Examples

Some of B2B Examples Successful & Great

In this article we will introduce some of the most successful and great examples in the B2B e-commerce filed, but the question here is: "why these B2B examples are great?" "What makes them successful?" "Why we choose them?" "What distinct them from the other brands in the same field?"

Well, generally, these examples focused on some feathers that the clients are searching for, such as the productivity of their product or service, they did not think about providing only a service or product but also they thought about something that makes their product unique, in the following text we will mention some of these examples and clarify their special point of view of the Business to Business e-commerce.

(Business to Business e-commerce) successful B2B Examples:


While Amazon is one of the most successful Business to Customer (B2C) e-commerce examples, Alibaba is consider one of the most greatest and successful Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce examples, especially  in China, this website runs as a mediator between the purchasers and the vendors, the highlight trait that characterizes Alibaba site is their payment system, Alibaba invented Alipay, it is a secured system for payments, this helped the owners to gain the customers trust about the security and the validity of the process that happen on the site between the buyers and the sellers, it also protect the rights of both the buyer and the seller in case of the delay or the refuse of the good that have been sold, Alibaba also gain some benefits from the commissions. 


According to the records, Adobe products is used now by a wide range of firms all over the world, we can tell that all countries in the world are using a product or two or even all adobe products, the first 10 companies in America are using adobe to deliver their message, in order to keep this position adobe starts to change its vision, they are thinking that the success now is count on selling the experiences to the clients not only the products, because of this new vision, adobe now become the first choice to the most well-known brands all over the world, not only the companies but also to the customers themselves.


It is a company that sells paper, printers, colors, and everything that is related to the print process in the international marker, at first the company was selling its  products and services offline, then it adopted the online approach as a result of the revolution that occurs in the marketing field, the company starts to develop its policy in consistent with the technology revolution, thus in a short time it acquired a remarkable position in the international trade whether it is online or offline, the most important trait that characterizes this firm is it is up to date technology and the responsive help center. The company also uses the humor to deliver its ads, this sense of humor attracts the clients in a magic way. The company motto is "Work can work better".

B2B Examples


This site was launched in 2006, to be a mediator between the vendor and the purchaser and to facilitate the process of buying and selling, it helps to make connections between the investors all, importers, exporters, inventors over the world in a very effective way weather according to the price, the quality, the quick of the process. Also this site is the first b2b portal that have the ISO 9001 certification that concerns with the quality of the system management, also it earned the ISO certification number 27001 information security system that help the clients to be satisfied with the services that the site provides, and the level of security. This website have a daily number of visitors reaches to 5 million per day, this huge traffic finds no problem to load unlimited number of pages with no fail or error in the loading process. This business to business site is well-know and has the vast majority of users in the United States of America followed by japan, china, India, united kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, Egypt, Malaysia, then Australia. Alibaba website is highly used in china, but tradekey.com site is used in a wide range in united states of America, but there is a principle element that differ between the two sites, the number of scams problems on tradekey.com is around 6.210 but the number of it on Alibaba is 299.000, this represents a serious problem to Alibaba website, as the buyers and seller starts to turn from Alibaba to Tradekey.com because they see that the feathers are almost the same but is number of scams starts to create a real problem for them when it interrupts their connections. So these owners of Tradekey.com website are doing their best to catch up with the leading business to business e-commerce websites, the analysis refers that if they keep their strategies in the same line, they will be at the top of business to business e-commerce websites list.

Tetra Pak:

This is an international Swedish food packaging firm, it was launched in 1951, it export its products all over the world, its products have a very good reputation amongst the food industry in the whole world, the elements that differ the Tetra Pac company from the other food companies are the strong relations with the customers in order to understand their desires and favorite flavors, and evaluate their satisfaction about the products and the level of customer services, also they are keening on defining their brand among the whole competitors all over the world continuously. This system is a key element in the success of this company which allow it to be a role model in this field an in the business to business e-commerce in general.


The previous examples are a simple from the sea of the business to business successful examples that illustrates how this marketing is and will be the master piece in the international trade process in the next few years.