09 January
Import auto parts

Import auto parts in the United States

What are import auto parts requirements?

First of all if you are going to import auto parts you have to make sure that the products are suitable and appropriate according to the EPA which is the "Environmental Protection Agency" as well as the DOT which are the regulations of "transportation department". These entities have specific requirements with accurate details which will make the process of importing vehicles or the parts of vehicles not easy at all especially for the vehicles that were manufactured outside U.S. market. The applicable Federal Governmental Agencies put different laws and regulations on each type of the auto and vehicles parts. And those auto parts who are imported with subjects to the EPA and the DOT regulations will probably require receipt for buying to clear the state customs.

The companies which import auto parts must submit and complete EPA Form and DOT form. As the latest is required for auto parts that considered to complete a vehicle's safety part like the tires, lighting and brakes.

Import auto parts

The U.S. Border and customs protection is requiring 7501 form to proclaim the import auto parts before the customs clear them. The non-confirming auto parts with standards are going to be allowed to enter U.S. on pledge, in the same time the goods were modified to be responded with the regulations. And to get the permanent importation items must be certified and retested. And failing to make all the arrangements that are necessary to test and certify goods to importation may lead to re-exportation again.

Using customs broker & freight which is licensed will help you to make sure that who import auto parts is sticking to the Federal regulations which help in avoiding the delays and unnecessary penalties. The broker will ensure the full compliance for all the items and the shipment on your behalf.

The vehicles that are not confirmed and has less than twenty five years old entering the U.S. must be complied or it will be exported or destroyed. And the vehicles which are older than twenty five years old are exempt so that they are not committed to EPA or DOT requirements. But EPA and DOT will need to be prepared and obtained to clear the vehicles through CBP.

Import auto parts concept:

If you are going to import auto parts and do not want to pay import taxes or duties then you have to know that not everybody is eligible to do that,  if you want to get tax free you need to follow these points:

  • Collect the required documents that are needed to import the auto or auto parts especially those who are related to the vehicle ownership you will have to collect as much as possible of these documents. For instance, the sale bill, the certification and registration of the foreign vehicle ownership and such documents.
  • The certification of the parts are highly required for using in the U.S., this certification proves that all the auto parts meet the regulations and safety qualifications. Without this certification your car may be confiscated and you will face problems regarding passing the registration.
  • Specify the eligibility of tax free importing, if you want to import the auto parts or the vehicle without paying taxes and duties. You must be eligible as per the low. In fact those who can import auto parts or vehicles with tax free duties are the governmental employees and military members. But stay some situations pass the auto parts without paying import taxes and duties.
  • Now you will need a shipper who will ship your imported auto parts from their country to yours, you can search online for an appropriate shipper due to your budget and their financial packages as well as other certain circumstances. While searching online you can compare the prices for your preferred ports and transit times.

Import auto parts

  • If the imported auto parts are expensive, it is better to have an insurance. As most of the companies claim that they are not responsible for the process of transporting the vehicles and auto parts so make sure that you have insurance before shipping the imported auto parts or the imported vehicles as well. Also this will help you in case you are waiting huge auto parts which needs container or a big ship, so you will guarantee not having loss if any of the imported parts faces some damage during shipping.
  • If you are importing a vehicle you must make sure that you have shipped all the items and parts of the vehicle before entering the United States, because if there are missing parts or contents or you did not declare all the contents of the vehicle, its property will probably be seized and you will pay penalties and costs as well as being at risk of theft as the vehicle parts may be stolen during the transit time.
  • If the vehicle or the imported auto parts have reached the final port you will need to claim it or make somebody claim it for you as registered agent from the board of customs. This demands having the original lading bill which you get from the shipping company and a receipt of cleaning the undercarriage of your vehicle as well. Besides all these documents a proof of the ownership will be demanded as well, then drive it home.
  • Be aware and worry for the scams, you won't face the reputable and respectable companies only all the time, before paying any money make sure to read all the previous customers reviews and feed backsregarding the company services.

After all, do not invest your money in such business unless you have read and learned well about each and every inquiry in order not to be in a critical financial situation, every step must be certified and eligible so that you will not be in a governmental investigating situation too. Whether you are in U.S. or outside, certifying your required documents will save you many efforts and costs that you won't be happy to face for sure.