05 January
what's import and export

What's Import and Export Mean?

The international Trade is a hot industry that is founded form years and years ago, trade is a procedure that depends on a group of people or a country has supply of merchandise or ware that is required and demanded by other countries for instance. International trade becomes more important and rewarding as giving both profit and satisfaction.

what's import and export Realy?!

Exporting is sending goods abroad all to other countries. These goods or merchandises have a quality that others cannot provide like us. The exclusive of high material is belonging to us and the high quality finish as well. For an example, Egyptian cotton is known with its unique quality and we have big amounts of exported cotton cloth and we get profit which in fact affects the Egyptian national income. Also it is known that the French perfumes are the best perfumes all over the world so we import them from France. So if we want to buy some product that is not provide with the same high quality in our country we will import it from the top manufacturing company that has the original base of the product.

Importing and exporting are big deal, you wouldn't imagine how many countries depend mainly on this trade to improve economy and increase national income. I just one year, Companies in America have exports equal 772 billion dollars in merchandise to about 150 foreign countries and more!

The products and merchandises are sold and distributed in the world daily.

What's import and export use..?

This is a good question. It is obvious that in your country you cannot make all the merchandises or products as there are things that are not available in your home country like Alaska, which does not have bananas for instance.

Things that are used to be brought from distances resources that like beer from Germany, cotton from Egypt and perfume from France are likely to be classier and more valuable than when you try to make them in your home country. These special imports have a cachet most of times.

Otherwise you may tend to importing because of the low prices that the other country sells for, the most famous countries with these low prices are Korea, China and Taiwan.

The children toys from Korea, the electronics from Taiwan and Clothes from Mexico are likely to be cheaper than any other countries.

what's import and export

This is not just a benefit for individual purchasing but also for the wholesalers, they are likely to import these products from china for instance with very cheap prices and sell them in their home countries with moderate prices, this is successful because the buy more because of imported products with moderate cost and get more profit because they had bought them with cheap prices.

For sure the exporting country has a lot of benefits which come in the shape of national income and profit.

Kinds of Business as per Import and export:

There are kinds of import and export businesses like EMC which stands for Export management company that operates the export procedure for local or domestic company which wants to sell and export their products abroad but don't know how?, so EMC operates the whole procedure from A to Z.

There is also the ETC which stands for the export trading company which identifies the needs of foreign buyers and then determines which domestic products or sources to export.

Also there is the import merchant and the export merchant, this is a contractor that works internationally as kind of free agent, he works with no specific clients or specific industry or a line production, he buys good from a side and sells it to another side on his own.

Before deciding to be in the career of international trade you must first know exactly what's import and export, know that it is not easy and not everybody can be sales in the career of international trading.

It takes creativity and enthusiasm to make it work, it takes some tracking to things like invoices or contracts and an organizing person which always knows that nothing is totally 100 percent predicted and we do not know what happens tomorrow.

And it of course helps when you have a background or previous experience in the field of international trade and have relations that work as facilities in closing deals.

It is pretty important that when you export some product make sure that this is the highest quality you own and can get to, because the export is an image of your industry and materials, I wouldn't be over acting if I tell you that this is an image for your home country! Yes it is enough that it will stamped with made in your country and don't cheat in materials or finishing the product.

Otherwise this is important too that when you import some product you check first the quality, material and use of this product because if there is any problem with it you are the one who will lose, because having a product with low quality will affects your name badly when you sell it to your customers, if it will be sold because you may not be able to sell it and no client or customer want to buy this product from you so here you have to go to one of these two solutions. Rather you sell it with lower cost and target a specific level of normal people or even poor people and you may not even sell it with the price you import it with or you will not be able to sell it at all and the importing company either be respectable and apologize so that you can exchange the product or they will ignore your complain and here you are in a big trouble!

This is a small example of troubles you may face if you are not qualified enough to work in this field or career so you must be the right person for international trade business.