11 January
wholesale suppliers

How to find wholesale suppliers

The wholesale trade business is large and working in a wide scale all over the world.

The wholesaler provides the retailers with services through different channels of distribution and supply chains. The manufacturers are at the top of this chain which can be product origin manufacturer or the importers and exclusive distributor which actually sell to wholesalers too.

Also the original distributors and wholesalers and brokers or the jobbers.

The main point of the wholesale business is the volume or the amount of merchandises and products you buy or sell, I mean the more you buy products the less prices you get then the higher profits you gain as a result.

For sure you won't be able to buy big bulks from big wholesalers in the beginning, as wholesale suppliers sell big bulks to the big businesses so if you still have small business you will purchase small bulks for sure and mostly you will buy them from small wholesalers.

And as you are moving forward in your business you will buy higher volumes of products.

After finding the wholesale supplier then you will set an agreement and do the due diligence, you can ask about the high volumes discounts, the time of order processing and the return terms.

What about minimum quantities and price terms, what is the delivery schedule and all these will be added to the agreement as per your deal.

 Searching for wholesale suppliers:

There are many ways to search for the wholesale suppliers like:

Searching the internet, you can search by the keyword that includes your product name or type to get the results which include local suppliers, you can also search the yellow pages and trade directories as well as online associations. Examples for the wholesale directories, "Wholesale Network and Wholesale Central".

After searching the internet and Google with the keyword that is actually your product name, you will find websites that you can wisely ignore judging, they may have poor designs, do not let the poor design make a bad impression for you because it makes no sense as most of the wholesale suppliers do not care about the design and you may find it 90s style.

Searching will not be easy because wholesalers are not good at marketing or promotions. And they do not make efforts to be at the top of search results.

Then you will have to go through hundreds pages to find the required website.

They are not going to do SEO also as they do not care to make it easy to find their websites, so you will need some modifiers and search queries.

The trade shows and business exhibitions are great opportunities to meet and recognize wholesale suppliers, you will pinpoint tradeshows according to the industry and target wholesalers for sure, exchanging business cards and even if you have the budget ready will help you close great deals.

Business magazines will contain lots of advertisements, you can check out the classifieds for your product wholesalers in your industry.

You can ask around the competitors and other retailers so you can find out wholesale supplier's contacts and financial packages, you will be informed if they have special offers as per the annual occasions for instance. Business network events in your industry will be a place which gathers a lot of people you can ask.

wholesale suppliers

Before anything ask the manufacturer himself first, maybe he is selling as wholesaler and you can buy from him but most of the times product manufacturers sells for high volumes only, but they can refer to the trusted distributors or wholesalers that will sell in small volumes for small businesses.

 Manufacturers are making the products typically, but not selling all of them. They give the products to the wholesalers to distribute them and sell them to retailers.

Because of this, the manufacturer produces large order of huge quantities to sell them to the wholesalers.

So that the wholesaler is the one who is connecting between the manufacturer and the customer, some wholesalers sell the products online, other sell them to specific constant clients and the others sell them at tradeshows while customers meet them by Coincidence. Some wholesalers instead of keeping the goods in inventory or stock, they are transferring the customers' orders to the supplier directly. These wholesalers are called drop shippers. Here are some online websites to start with:

Alibaba, this is a wholesale marketplace from China which ships product all over the world with a big variety of many products.

EBay Wholesale Lots  is another website for big orders with discounted price.

Worldwide Brands is like directory of group of wholesalers by merchandise type.

Etsy with supply category that has some options for the craft-related supplies.

If you are still having some problems with finding a wholesale supplier then try this tactic, order small bulk of products from a competitor that you think it is drop shipping, after you receive the package search for the address to know the original supplier which you can contact and ask for all the details you need and may be you close a deal with him.

A supplier directory considered a suitable way for quick search about large scale of wholesale suppliers.

It is a data base that is organized by a market, the product or the niche. So by knowing the product or the market's name you will quickly find the wholesale suppliers from the wholesale directory.

It may be helpful in the beginning as you are just starting your business but in fact you won't get back to the wholesale directory or need it unless you will start searching about new product wholesale suppliers.

The wholesale supplier's directory is helpful to know the reviews about each and every wholesale supplier's beyond the guide scope.

This will benefit you, save time but you will spend some money buying this directory for sure. May be you will need it if all the above tactics did not work with you.