30 April
Forex Trading

Forex Trading and Market Experts

There is no doubt that Forex trading attracts a very large segment of those interested in the market and investment and also attracts a large segment of fast-profit lovers.
As we are seeing a lot of problems and a lot of pain caused by the loss of money for depositors inexperienced in B2B company we decided to do a host of experts in the field of Forex, which has achieved great results and great successes.

Here is the full interview with Forex Trading Expert:

1) Tell us a little about yourself and your career

First I introduce myself I am Pedro Rodriguez (known in forums of Internet as RobotXD), I am middle age, I am an engineer by profession and I have an MBA. Part of my professional life I developed it in a Japanese multinational of first order dedicated to Informatica and Communications. Later I started my own business dedicated to the Multimedia world and later I was director of an Internet department in a Marketing and Media company. In the last 6 years I have dedicated myself full time to the study of Forex by developing strategies and trading robots - like Atila FX or RobotFX - activity that currently occupies me 10 to 12 hours each day.

2) Since when you are in the Forex business. Year in which you started?

Initially I made my money in the Stock Market about 10 years ago and in particular my attention for the Forex comes from about 8 years ago.

3) How do you get to know the Forex Robots?

After a couple of years studying Chartismo, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis and coinciding with the development of my first Forex strategies, I realized that I could automate the process since I had the necessary programming knowledge. In one way or another I had worked all my life around Informatica and had participated in the development of complex software projects. Initially make some indicators and then move on to more complex developments in which already included some Artificial Intelligence giving the system of opening and closing orders as well as money management systems say, what we know today as Trading Robots.

Forex Trading

4) How is your experience with Forex Robots being?

At first I was trying for months Robots from third parties. I tried hundreds of them and that experience was a bit frustrating since 98% lost until I realized that in general the Forex Robot does not win if the strategy on which it is based is not in itself winning. Most of these robots used totally invalid strategies based normally on the Technical Analysis and other strategies very dangerous as the martingales that if one does not know exactly how to work with them not only will not win but sooner or later you will end up losing the account. However, as I progressed in the knowledge of strategies with winning potential and increasingly dominate the market more and better, it allowed me to start developing and debugging my own Robots. After many months of development, testing and tuning I can tell you that today I have great tools like RobotFX (probably the best Forex Robot on the market) or AtilaFX.

5) What are the disadvantages of using Forex Robots, is there something that an investor should know before beginning, something that you learned by experience?

The use of Robots has many advantages and also some disadvantages. Let's start with the disadvantages. Forex Robots are monolithic, they have no decision-making capability beyond that programmed inside. Our intelligence is thousands of times higher than that one can program in a piece of software, making decisions in the amount of varied scenarios taking into account thousands of parameters that a Forex Robot can never do. However, this inconvenience as we will see later, is a factor of interest that can play in our favor.

For its part, the advantages basically have to do with our disabilities as humans. One of them is the emotion, another the patience, another the discipline, etc. We are emotional beings and therefore subject to emotional changes in each moment. A Forex Robot is able to withstand the pressure of a loss or twenty consecutive after all it has no feelings however, we humans in many circumstances could not.

And here is where the disadvantage reported before in the disadvantages, becomes an advantage for us. Forex Robot will not care about losses without affecting its functioning, its ego, its quality of life or its feelings. In addition to the above, the Forex Robot is not sleepy, does not get tired, does not need to eat or other human needs. The latter characteristics are decisive. Sometimes the opportunity is presented at rough times for us humans but that will not be any inconvenience for the Forex Robot.

In short, a robot is monolithic and therefore limited but it is disciplined, patient, impassive and timely just the characteristics that make us fail most of us when we trade for ourselves.

6) How much can you earn with Forex Robots?

Good questions I answered that 100% a month you would say that I am crazy but that and more I could get with winning strategies and aggressive but I need to be realistic here so that the readers draw a conclusion of interest and I will do it.