09 February
B2C telemarketing

B2C telemarketing your door to a hassle-free service

Business to Consumer, also known as B2C telemarketing services, is all about getting in touch with consumers to sell them services and products, or to provide them with the required customer service or to gain their support and cooperation.


  • The development of marketing

No one hates shopping. However, most people complain about the long queues that they have to wait to get what they want. Then companies came up with a great idea. Instead of people going to shops, companies made it possible for shops to come to your doorstep. After a while, the trend of the door to door started to break out. However, it was hard and inefficient. Most homemakers refused to listen to the salesperson, as she won’t let him / her inside her house. Not to mention, it is very embarrassing. This problem then eradicated with what is now known as telemarketing.


  • Customer care

Most successful companies adopt the same slogan, "the customer is always right! Hence, to ensure that this slogan is always into action, call centers to all companies opened its doors to be at the aid of customers all day long and all year round. Customer care service also minimizes the degree of dissatisfaction of consumers. This service made it possible for customers to solve various problems from home.


  • What is B2C telemarketing?            

 Before we proceed for those who don't know what telemarketing is, it is a process which involves a salesperson to convince a client with the benefits of a specific product. All this happens through the phone.

There are various types of telemarketing, they are as follows:

A) Inbound B2C telemarketing:

Inbound telemarketing gives due care to publishing as well as showing phone numbers on emails, catalogs, websites and much more. This plays an important role in grabbing people's attention to the company and this leads to more orders to expand your company's name.

B) Outbound B2C telemarketing:

Outbound telemarketing supplies customers with up- to –date hot offers. It also involves calling prospects to advertise new products and services.


Why B2C telemarketing?

As mentioned earlier, the concept of door to door sales became very inconvenient and hence, telemarketing has risen. It ensures a  less time and money consuming service.

  • B2C Telemarketing is very beneficial for many reasons:

1) It is very less time consuming.

Instead of wasting a lot of time stuck in traffic, employees can do twice the work done in that consumed time. Without telemarketing, by the time employees reach the client they will have neither the energy nor the time to convince the client efficiently with what they have to offer. 

2) It is extremely economical.

Forget about travel expenses. This is an office-based job and this mean that the money spent on travel expenses will be cut out of the annual budget. In addition, this will reduce gas emissions which will benefit the environment greatly.

B2C telemarketing

3) Better working environment.

Always bear in mind that a comfortable employee will definitely yield a better outcome. If a company's employees are working in comfortable decent environment, they will be more willing to work harder.

4) Cheap advertising.

Creating a buzz on any new product even before it invades the markets are very crucial .T.V commercials cost a lot of money. Telemarketing will save up more than half of the money spent on commercials or even newspaper ads.

5) Convenient for most clients.

Executives who do not have plenty of time to take a chunk of their already too tight daily schedule would be more than happy and complying to squeeze in the call of the telemarketing agent. This would save them both time the client as well as the agent. Always remember a satisfied customer is the any company's target. Also satisfying the customer will guarantee their loyalty to the company. 

6) Expanding a company's horizon.

Everyone has a cell phone that they can't stay away from for mere minutes. Therefore, using telemarketing will enable any company to reach any client wherever he/ she is. As a result by using business to consumer telemarketing service the company's limits will be sky high and unstoppable. This means wide publicity.

7) Easy, secure and efficient.

All calls during B2C telemarketing services are recorded this will make it easy to listen to all consumers complaints, suggestions and demands. It also makes it possible for other customer care agents to listen to previously made calls to benefit from the experience their colleagues has been through. Additionally it is a great way of marketing progress of any given company. What's more, it will be easier for future customer care agents to have a practical training to learn from their experienced colleagues. All this will be done in actual real-life calls. Further, during any complaints, seniors can go back to calls and listen to call to figure out where problems arise. Furthermore, managers can mark their team's marketing competence and look for any weak point to effectively work on them.


No need to wait and see people's reaction to your company anymore. It's just one phone call away. Generate a poll using telemarketing services to know your company's level among other companies. B2C telemarketing services are an excellent opportunity to up sell and cross sell goods. It is an internationally used way to lure loyal clients to your company. It will be like a siren call to its victims.

Each company these days has to try and keep up with the vast growing market demands and needs. People nowadays depend primarily on out bound telemarketing to purchase all kind of things they desire. By using B2C telemarketing companies will extend an imaginary bridge to fill the gap as well as meet clients’ expectations.

Undoubtedly, business to consumer telemarketing service plays a vital and significant role in the development of any company. In the recent years all most all successful companies rely on this service to ensure their marketing strategies. Telemarketing services has a strong on clients as well. Clients will have a great impression of a company with a strong telemarketing service. It has a great effect and impact on people that the marketing in this said company is undertaken seriously.  

For a successful B2C telemarketing service all you need is polite, young, highly educated and determined agents to help your company reach the peak of success for your telemarketing service.