08 March
B2C Jewels

B2C Jewels: A Shortcut to Shopping for Luxury!

Have you ever heard of B2C Jewels before? Well, online shopping has become a trend that many consumers trust and appreciate, and it has really facilitated the transactions between businesses and consumers. Due to the easy access and the fast processing in most electronic commerce businesses, online shopping has acquired an outstanding reputation.

As a result of this, the concept of e-commerce has embraced different products and services, and excitingly, one of the precious products that can be purchased via the Internet is jewelry. Therefore, “B2C jewels” online jewelry store has appeared and become trendy as well.

The Main Goal of B2C Jewels:

Generally, online jewelry stores aim to satisfy the customers who are excited about jewelry to the max. In order to achieve this goal successfully, a bunch of qualified and devoted employees is hired to implement the whole process and transactions effectively. Each portal of online jewelry stores works on demonstrating a unique collection of jewelry, including bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, etc.  There are rarely major complaints about this type of business as most channels do all their best.

Why Are Online Jewelry Stores better than Brick-and-mortar Jewelry Stores?

Jewelry sold at online stores is more reasonable than that sold at brick-and-mortar jewelry stores. The estimated percentage of offered discounts at online stores ranges from 25% to 50%. Amazingly, the selected items can be shipped wherever the customers are, which assures them convenience and comfort. Moreover, most B2C jewels offer a free-of-charge shipping service.

How Does An Online Jewelry Store Guarantee A Supreme Service?

1. Regular Monitoring

For assuring customers a high standard of jewelry, the online jewelry stores monitor all the stages starting from crafting the jewelry until shipping it.

2. Exceptional Styles

Any successful online jewelry business aims to depend on massive networks that function perfectly and professionally. Also, they hire professional and dedicated designers.

3. Looking for Accreditation

These businesses strive to gain accreditation from renowned and reputable gem labs, such as IGI and AGS, in order to win the trust of more customers throughout the world.

4. Flexible Return Policy

One of the biggest deficiencies of online shopping is that customers cannot examine the real quality of the selected item; therefore, some consumers may prefer going to real stores. For an online jewelry business to be satisfying, it should respect the tendency of a customer to refund as his/her choice may not match his/her pre-purchase expectations. It is preferable to allow refunding within 30 days from the day of delivery.

5. Secure Database

Any efficient online portal should conduct a hacker-safe security scan to make sure that the database is totally safe and protected.

A Prosperous Example of Online Jewelry Stores

B2CJewels.com is one of the leading online jewelry stores for many factors:

1- Huge Collection

It embraces a giant collection of unique jewelry, including pieces of diamonds that exceed 70,000.

2- Invincible Offers

 It offers competitive discounts and offers that please who look for unbeatable prices.

3- Unique Designs

This store offers an incredible service through which customers are capable of designing their own rings, earrings, and pendants.

B2C Jewels

4- Reliable Search Tool

A dependable search tool is found on B2CJewels.com despite having a very big customers’ database and huge products collections. Incredibly, it rarely malfunctions, which makes customers seldom disappointed.

5- Categorizing Items

Categories make the search much easier and more flexible. For example, the customer should choose the shape of the diamond he/she is searching for from the very beginning. Then, the search could be narrowed down by selecting different criteria, like pricing range, colors, certified brands, etc.

6- Satisfying Refunding Policy

Jewelry items could be replaced, exchanged or refundable within 30 days, but on the condition that the pieces are unworn.

7- Resizing Service

Resizing is free of charge within 60 days from the day the customer has bought the piece.

8- Rewarding Warranties

Twelve-month warranties are shipped to customers in order to cover ordinary wear and tear.

9- Enough Info

Detailed description and information about items are given to help make the products tangible. The website’s credibility lies in gathering certified information from cutting edge gemological laboratories including each and every single detail about the diamonds, which helps customers make decisions as smoothly as possible. 

10- Magnified Photos and Videos

In order to make customers more decisive, B2CJewels.com shows very clear photos and clarifying videos of all the jewelry’s quality via very advanced zooming features.

Further, the website clearly shows lots of pictures that show the substances of which the jewelry is made of. Diagrams reflecting the internal and external characteristics accompany certified diamonds.

11- 3D Scanning And Modeling Technology

If you have an excellent command of understanding the crafting process of diamonds, you will be curious to know more about the diamond’s proportions that reveal the quality of its designer and the alignment of all its facets.

12- Price Match Guarantee

This guarantee is one of a kind. It means that if a customer finds a certified diamond at a lower price on another authorized website, B2CJewels.com will be obliged to match the pricing for him/her.

However, this guarantee is under harsh rules, for example, the rival website should be American and official; moreover, the two diamonds should be typical, which means one slight difference ruins the guarantee.

13- Restocking Service

A priceless service that has made B2CJewels.com stand out is its restocking service. Literally, this service helps those ladies who are keen on upgrading their diamonds as the website provides them with an online store credit that reflects the real value of the old diamond minus a restocking fee.

This fee is in return for exchanging an old diamond for a new one. However, this service is applicable only to GIA or AGS certified products for $1,000 or above.

14- Accessible Contacts

There are a lot of means through which customers can publish their comments and complaints, such as an email address, a hotline phone number, besides live chat support.

In a nutshell, B2C jewels is a simple evidence of how online shopping has really expanded, including luxurious products. However, many people still reject the whole idea.