05 January
B2B Website

B2B Website

The definition business to business "B2B" stands for a business transaction that happens between two businesses, two manufacturers or merchants or between wholesaler and the vendor. There is also business to business online websites as the deals are done online with new business connections approaches. Online b2b is a way of targeting large quantities of new buyers for the merchandises to different traders which provide end customers with these supplies.


B2B Website:

B2b websites make it easier to find new business partners and finish the trade process successfully, for example if a manufacturing company in Egypt wants to purchase a machinery from a manufacturing company in China, so that the company in Egypt visits a b2b website and starts searching for exporting companies in China, then select the company and select the machinery, here is as per studying all the information about the Chinese traders and exporters in China. This helps the exporting companies in China as per finding new potential clients through B2B websites as well as helping the manufacturing company in Taiwan finds the machinery from a Chinese company.

Top 10 B2B websites ranking:

There are Top Ranking online B2B websites that are successful and well known, so that they gain trust from both traders that are importers or exporters.

1- Alibaba.com: 

Was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, this is a Chinese B2B marketplace which is one of the largest marketplaces in the worlds in this field that provides b2b trade platform to the community of international Trade.

The company is an outstanding stage for e commerce that serves small to medium businesses whenever they are.

2- Made-In-China.com:

b2b website

This is related to the Focus Tech Co, Ltd which has been established in 1996 and a reputable well known organization that is working and serving the e- business fields in China among the last 13 years.

Their main target is providing the most effective advantages to their customers by using the effective promotion methods.

3- TradeKey.com:

This organization is founded in 2005 and considered one of the fast growing b2b marketplaces online in e-commerce field, this is designed to target small and medium businesses too and can extend the business reach to the international markets.

4- GlobalSources.com:

The headquarter is in Hong Kong and founded in 1996, this is considered one of the best online platforms that provides what helps you find dependable supplies and exporting manufacturers. It is one of the big B2B companies that facilities the international trades with China.


Serves about 1.2 million suppliers from India by getting in touch with about 6.5 million importers and buyers from different parts from the world.

6- DHGate.com:

It a leading b2b Marketplace for wholesale which was founded in 2004, by Diane Wang which was the founder of B2b Brand in China joyo.com,  she was addicted to Marketing and took apart in working for Microsoft in Great China as well as working for Cisco.

7- TradeHolding.com:

Was founded in year 2002, it is a network in B2B that helps its customers or members to get in touch with new businesses all over the world. You can easily list your trade company and leave all the information and details and work with exchanging offers with large scale of trade companies.

8- ECVV.com:

Was founded in 2003, it considered one of the big portals in B2B, its headquarter is in Hunan, China. It targets facilitating the international trade effectively with efficient way and provide companies with opportunities to interact with each other without scam or misrules.

9- ThomasNet.com:

It is one of the largest marketplaces in B2B in the worldwide that is connecting industrial purchasers and the American manufacturers in a globally scale through b2b platform online as state of the art. It is consisting of 12 successful decades.

b2b website

10- EC21.com:

This was launched in 1997, and founded in South Korea. And was affiliated with KITA then it separated from KITA in 2000. It helps a large number of small sized and medium sized businesses to make progress and grow.


For a successful b2b website…


For a successful b2b website you must put in consideration many important points that they may not come in your mind in the very first moment of thinking about starting or launching your b2b website. Do you know that there are a lot of elements that affects your image in the customers mind and even the website design will make an impact?

The first impression is so much important as the front image and headline will create either trust or comfort to the buyer and the company or it will make a negative impression of your website then they will sign out and never come back!

So designing the B2B websites must be so professional and so friendly at the same time! It is difficult to explain but experienced designers and web developers know for sure what I mean and let them work without trying to change their point of view because they know what you do not actually know!

The other thing is that before starting your b2b website you have to search and study to determine what your targets are! And who is your target audience. Do you understand them and their needs? Will you provide them with information and benefits? What are the other b2b websites offer and present? are you out of the competition or you are a big competitor that will make a splash and get more customers and companies lists then get more good reputation which will bring you more profit.

One of the practices that every marketer knows is "the rule of thumb", this is helpful to gain trust from the first look at the website and make buyers concentrate and focus on the message you are trying to say and explore your website.

The design details and the effective theory exist in marketing books and websites, also in the web developers and designers mind so your work will be in safe hands.