05 January
B2B Sales

B2B Sales Process Step by Step

B2b is a term that indicates "Business to Business sales", as sales from a business entity to another one, and this is about a network of business to business procedures even for a normal consumer purchase like purchasing to consumers at a super market but this network is invisible and the reason of success in this procedure. But the difference here is that the consumer is a business organization instead of an individual customer.

Wholesalers use B2b Sales in their business with educating retailers and sales representatives about new services and products, providing promoting support to help them improve their levels of inventory in each store.

But it is not good that the sales representatives get in touch with customers so many times with calls and visits this will not be liked by the customers at all. As well as being well educated, sales representative must know all the information about the product or service; he should know more information about the competitors and the similar products or services in the market.

Despite being sensitive about prices, buyers value the service and appreciate the good one.

Good B2B Sales Representative

The good b2b sales representative knows how to solve problems and even predict them before facing, improves the situation intuitively and read the customers insight. This requires experience and deep understanding of the client needs and the market industry.


Studied b2b sales strategies care the basic structure and the foundation of wholesaler, some good practice and research will help a lot and get back to you with successful experience and closed deals. And you may fold the strategies if the matter needs to so be prepared. The customers are waiting from you the patience and full details about the service you offer, so they will be totally disappointed if you do not have enough information that satisfy them or you turned upset if you received a question that you could not predict and have no answer for it. So to close the deal and complete the process you have to be more consultative. And you can provide them with online information so they can read the information wisely and quietly in their home and be more comfortable, this is a way to increase customers appeal to the product or service.

Launching website or social media accounts is a good way to communicate with customers and provide them with information and your contacts, location and such and such and such…

If you have a tracking system in your company or office this will help you a lot follow and close the sales procedures and monitor your actions with the customers will push the work and help your team to complete orders. Also this will strengthen the relationship between the office and the customer and will create a history between you.

b2b sales

So tracking will help you recognize the customer through his history, his discount or usual prices, performance report on customer level, sales representative level and service level, when and from where were orders shipped and to which destination. And relations are important in this process, if you have relations with people you will target more challenges and break higher score with closing deals. People are the backbone of this procedure even if they are behind the scenes.

Business to Business sales take expensive costs that are more that business to consumer sales. And b2b sales depends more on logic not emotions in order to save time and work hard, they focus on the buying process and service or product features.

The reasons that business to business takes higher costa that more people and consideration and decision makers are involved in the sales process.

B2B Sales in Marketing...

If you are marketing to a b2b sales try to focus on the product itself and its features and what does it do to people, how is the product beneficial to them and save their money or time.

The matter requires more logical uses, enough information and ways of persuading the customer but this does not mean that there is no emotion in this process at all as you are dealing with people and human being not machines. There are emotions of desire, needs and motivations bit put them away and get back to logic, financial benefits and amazing competing features.

The process of selling requires understanding the needs and requirements of consumer and the market in general. Studying the financial issues due to customers and their balance. Searching for the facilities they need and what are the advantages they are looking for. Develop solutions to their problems with similar products or services and provide them with the solutions in the shape of the new product or service they are selling. Prospect the customers due to all the previous steps and sit down with him in a meeting which discuss all you prepared about the product or the service with him and know more about his needs and predicting benefits. When everything is going well and you have closed the deal then sign an agreement or the contract.

This is all differing from the b2c sales which means business to consumer business and the methods of sales, the strategy and selling techniques are different to. The matter needs specializing and studying, researching and more that researching this needs experiments and real treating with them.

Simply b2b business is like a company is providing supplies and special components to another company like providing tires to car manufacturing company for example. And you may be involved in a complex sale which includes more than a decision maker and to close the deal you will find yourself must convenience the major number of these decision makers, this is harder to the sales representative because he does not know much about all these people and does not know the mentality of each of them, he even did not speak to them before the meeting at all. Finally we all believe that the people whether they are sales representatives to marketers or retailers are the backbone of b2b sales process.