02 April
B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing! a Priceless Key to Business Expansion

There are common targets that all businesses try hard to achieve. They seriously work on attracting huge volumes of leads in order to extend their customer base. Therefore, this promotes their online sales and increases the reputation of the product, service or industry.  Accordingly, lots of concepts and ideas have emerged so as to ease the challenges of achieving business targets. One of the remarkable concepts that have recently evolved in regard to this topic is B2B content marketing.

Definition of B2B Content Marketing

Simply, it refers to the belief of giving content serious consideration in order to expand the scale of business popularity among other businesses and unveil its points of strengths, which ultimately accelerates the progress of the marketing processes and sales rates. More importantly, the content marketing should touch the readers so that they can apply its elements to their work or businesses. As a result of this, B2B content marketers should adhere to the three elements of the Holy Trifecta of Content Marketing, which are attractive, useful and of high quality.

Mechanisms of Doing The Marketing Right

 Based on what has been mentioned above, content marketing is a channel that should be leveraged effectively in order to meet the business goals to the max. However, some businesses decide to adopt it without deliberate planning, which sounds chaotic. Consequently, there are some mechanisms that should be made use of for effective implementation and astonishing success.

  • Segmenting Audience

Segmenting audiences will certainly help define the content they crave and evaluate the trending opinions. Undeniably, it seems hard for a business to identify its audience for being too broad; however, Google Analytics Data is a tool that facilitates exploring audiences that visit your site. Amazingly, demographic information is demonstrated via this tool, classifying the audience by some basic elements such as sex, age, job, and residency. Besides, it casts light on the topics that interest audience most. All of this will help content marketers draw some conclusions about the followers and come up with relevant content that sounds appealing and clearer to them.

  • Developing New Content on a Regular Basis

One of the most critical challenges that encounter content marketers is innovating content ideas consistently so that the audience will never be fed up. Realistically speaking, when marketers start out writing about a service, product or industry, they think easily of new ideas; however, this flow of ideas will start to run out in the long run, and here the challenge exists. For marketing content to be always up-to-date and eye-catching, marketers should keep their fingers on the pulse of what people share and discuss on social networking media.

Significantly, BuzzSumo is a tool that enables marketers to examine real-time data that is shared across all major social networks to highlight the trendy topics. Accordingly, content for the marketing process can be tailored based on popular topics that are relevant to the business and discussed from new angles.

B2B Content Marketing

Taking user intent into consideration triggers the creativity potential when it comes to creating new content ideas. In other words, it is important that a marketer guesses what the audience looks forward to reading and what goals they need to achieve by reading specific content. Logically speaking, when an audience comes across an online ad, there are two questions that he/she asks in order to decide whether to give it a chance or not: What is this ad? And Why would it be beneficial to me?

  • Advertising and Promoting Content Marketing

The promotion of content has become part and parcel of the current online environment. Some marketers count on organic reach solely, which is a fatal mistake. For those who do not know what organic reach means, it is simply the volume of viewers who were shown content marketing without paid promotion. According to the recent statistics, the rates of organic reach on Facebook have dropped down between October 2013 and February 2014, which refers to the importance of setting a content promotional plan based on paid ads.

Renowned Examples of Successful Content Marketing 

1. HubSpot

It is one of the best B2B content examples due to being useful and of a competitive quality. Based on its belief that audiences enjoy in-depth content, the HubSpot blog is made up of 2 separate tracks: marketing and sales although the two topics are overlapping and extremely related. Moreover, it provides its viewers with original data and detailed guides.

2. General Electric

Due to being an amazingly massive organization with many divisions, product lines and physical locations, General Electric (GE) is keen on publishing marketing content that wins the hearts of decision makers in various fields and industries. Remarkably, its website leverages cutting edge technologies in order to provide its visitors with an exceptional online media experience. More importantly, it focuses on the role of GE as a pioneer of technological developments, which consequently makes other business owners aware of the GE technologies importance.

3. Buffer

It is regarded as one of the top online marketing blogs. Although it has been in operation for just 6 years, it stands out from the crowd by being committed to a high standard of content that always sounds useful and interesting. Furthermore, Buffer publishes every aspect of its growth in a virtual way and an irresistibly data frame. Interestingly, the blog merges marketing content with insights into psychology and other spectacular topics.

4. American Express

American express, which offers financial services, focuses on topics related to accounting and budgeting, time management and productivity, and social networking websites; moreover, it highlights the challenges faced by smaller companies and entrepreneurs.  Remarkably, American Express content is organized in both logical and intuitive sections.

According to what has been mentioned above, there are lots of elements that B2B content marketing needs to embrace in order to be highly reachable and readable.  Definitely, its creation is becoming more challenging and complex due to the burdens that globalization places. Therefore, a set of guiding portals have evolved to raise the marketers’ awareness of how successful content marketing can set a business apart from other businesses and make it appealing to them as a result.