05 January
African imports

African imports

Many still look to Africa as a continent which he inherited colonists, where she lived most of its long years under the yoke of occupation while she was liberated from decades of thieves occupiers.

There are those who look to it that poor spot when in fact natural wealth store for the world of aluminum to uranium, and ask China about it (18 production of uranium and 25% of global gold)%.
The individual is no longer the African orangutan you envision in your mind, having graduated from the university, and contributed to the scientific and technological innovations, nations of Sub-Saharan Africa alone in her university graduate annually about 5 million young men and women.
African black and stood in the last ten years, defying the world with more than 100 million young people from the age of 18 to 23 years, while representing the youth of 40 years more than 50% of its population, as has become with the highest rates of acceleration of growth with an average growth of 5.5% to be the new emerging market racing for the next decade to hunters deals.
Progress continent investment climate of one of the largest value chains in the world in virgin land, Nile River breaks in two, its source in Paradise and its course here at home Africa, the land of the amazing opportunities.
The best place to get the gold is there, where they found it before, and in colonial times to the continent, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa countries, or what they call it African black took place a process of attrition systematically her under the awakening of peoples liberation rid her movements began slowly from western occupation and passed contracts long to get rid of the effects of this era is the most prominent obstacle was finding a way for economic and social renaissance.
The last decade has seen a boom in the countries of the continent after he was able to discover that each country has comparative advantages and maximize utilization.

African imports

In Nigeria, oil production doubled to overtake South Africa, which benefited from the relative progress and huge infrastructure left over from the apartheid system, which will be introduced by some of the European and US assets in order to depletion of natural resources in the mining area, which has become a resource to finance its development.
In recent years, Africa has become more attractive to foreign investment in several sectors, thanks to the high standard of living and increase the consumption capacity of the citizen with the expectations of an increase of the middle class of about 300 million people by 2030.
In the next lines identify the most promising sectors for attracting investment
Invested in the continent

1 - food and agricultural activities

Food and agriculture sector holds great opportunities in space Africa in particular, that there is a need to feed more than one billion people are estimated investment in this field worth billions of dollars.
Food production is at the forefront of the most promising projects and a large outlet for business, especially grain, milk and all kinds of raw agricultural products and semi-finished Africa still imports many of them, despite the fact that the continent has enormous capacity to produce them.
Characterized by investments in the food sector and the agricultural value chain length through an enormous variety of products and expects a report published site «smallstarter» specialist in new projects in Africa that entrepreneurs have a chance to achieve a fortune in food processing sector.

2 - Retail

Retail sector is one of the most important indicators of economic improvement in the major countries, including the United States, China and Brazil, all of which have major population census so as to provide a broad market for the products, but the disparity between them is subject to the power consumption.
Other than a billion people, or more than is the population of the African continent, the growing middle and high standard of living class contributed to the departure retail market gradually the control of the state, where the private sector entered the boom unprecedented stage and spread supermarkets each belongs to global category to the heart of the capitals of the brown and even opened up the market also with a high level of education to a large growth of e-commerce.
It should be noted the success of the local shops in the global competition, and these experiences supermarket chains «shop right», and «game» game, and (nakumatt), all of which succeeded in opening branches in a number of neighboring countries.

African imports

It blobs bright this year to market African retail is escalating commodity trading on the Internet, where the company «Jumia» one of the sales companies the fastest retail is growing on the Internet Africa, now worth more than $ 500 million with a presence in many African countries, including Egypt Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, the company is currently regarded as an African Amazon Company and Amazon is a US e-commerce site controlled a larg

3 - textiles and cosmetics industry

African society is a young man, where is the largest percentage of the population belong to the age group of young people, which is the best market for garments and cosmetics, since they are in the heart of the concerns of more open to the world and the aspiration of modern life generation.
The domestic market is witnessing a heated contest in all kinds of textiles, including fabrics locally-made and imported brands, due to the growing phenomenon of the rapid expansion of urban areas in Africa over the countryside account.
It owns Africa hundreds of rising stars who are building successful businesses in the clothing, cosmetics, toiletries industry is Suzie and one of the pioneers of business projects in Africa, which stormed the cosmetic beauty market personal care, a sector which is dominated by international giants have its project, which began carrying the name «SuzieBeauty Cosmetics »for nearly seven years in Kenya, where he became hugely successful.
And provide another model for success in the field of luxury goods, which launched an ambitious project turned leading trade mark known as «MANGO» in Nigeria, where the availability of youth leather products and bags are designed using a severity unknown fabric, as well as woven clothes by hand on a loom, however, the population « Europa »in Nigeria renowned skillfully handcrafted designs to become the most important components of high-end shops in Nigeria.
A leading businessmen historically in this area, to move to African countries offers opportunities to profit billions of dollars either export to or create stores or even the establishment of factories inside sold locally, and be an export hub for the surrounding countries secondary.

4 - Real Estate

How to invest and earn money in the hot real estate market in Africa?

Despite the explosive growth of the market residential and commercial properties alike, but they still carry the growth opportunities are unlimited, given the late surge that keep pace with growing demand greedily across the continent, however there is a significant shortage of available investments.
In a country such as Nigeria, have more than 16 million new home will be built to solve the serious problem of housing an estimated cost of $ 350 billion, at least.
The opportunities in the real estate marketplace in Africa with a significant return on investment in land and real estate, due to the high prices at rapid rates, as there is the possibility of achieving significant profit housing in the medium and low custom buildings for office development, whether by sale or lease.

5 - Internet Technology with African imports

Internet sector and technology live festive atmosphere, where the axes of technology centers and incubators of innovation spread across the continent from Accra, capital of Ghana to Lagos, Nigeria's capital «Johannesburg» in South Africa and Nairobi in Kenya after he had already turned into «Valley Technology», which includes the best innovators and entrepreneurs Africans technical at all.
Last year, it dominated the news of the acquisition of the «Saya» headlines which application messages for mobile phone founded by two young entrepreneurs from Ghana.
And it succeeded this simple for mobile application since its inception in 2011 to replace text messages and set off in the West African country until he arrived in India.
«Saya» application is just a story of many success stories in the Internet sector and technology in Africa, where Pat innovation in this field, the most important outlet for African businessmen to offer to the problems and challenges in the continent, starting from taxi services to pay by mobile phone to the services systems solutions Delivery by bicycle and motorcycle replete continent creative technology innovations and promising projects.

African imports

6 - Green wealth

Growing communities appetite in the whole world for green products and increasing demand from governments by the private sector on the economy, a friend of the environment very quickly, because of the dangers posed to human beings as a result of climate change, solutions to the crises linked to the need to preserve the environment increases, such as waste and pollution, accounting for these solutions in itself great investment opportunities in the African continent, which is still at the beginning of the journey and all of which will contribute something to say certainly in the force of the river.
One of the most successful projects of those associated with the recycling of garbage and old goods, as well as solar energy projects because of its continent of great periods of brightness, and the occurrence of many of its orbit in the tropical region.
The continent needs investments of billions of dollars in various eco-friendly projects and certainly the return in this market in front of tens of years may slow the speed of its growth.

7 - construction materials

Africa go boom in the construction sector, an opportunity that will certainly create a lot of wealth for the business, it is not surprising that the richest man in Africa, Alico Dangot and is one of those who have invested heavily in the cement sector, the most important element in the operation of construction projects and construction materials, whether homes or buildings or roads and bridges, where the countries of the continent to spend billions of dollars to import it, but not anymore because Dangot and other producers of cement, such as «Lafarge» French spread quickly across the region.
The cement is just one example of a number of materials for building and construction, which is growing demand in all parts of Africa, the demand for steel is also one of the most important business opportunities which will ensure that the billions of dollars in annual dividends than perhaps cement.
The timber and roofing materials, glass, paint, plumbing and electricity supplies, and other products, all of them enjoy high terrible request does not currently finds covered it.

8 - Financial Services

Like the rest of other developing regions in the world are banking, payment systems Comprehensive Africa and financial services among the less developed sectors in the world.
More than 50% of Africans still do not have access to formal financial services to the huge number of transactions are still done by cash payment.
Africa offers a unique opportunity to make money in the financial services market Business people who can provide a simple, easy and convenient solutions will be well rewarded.

African imports

9 - Investment

With economic growth slowing in North America and Europe, pouring more investment on emerging regions such as Africa quickly in search of higher returns, which makes more investors are now looking to enter the black market, whether you plan to transfer funds to the stock markets in Africa or investment directly in start-ups, all of which represent the possibility to obtain high yields did not recur.
The end of last year, has announced a billionaire Nigerian, Tony Alimony, he is committed to invest $100 million in emerging companies in Africa and pilot projects over the next 10 years, representing this one initiative only several ambitious investment initiatives that will create tremendous opportunities and wealth for entrepreneurs who they can exploit it.
And witnessing the African market is beginning to bring together a strong start based on the marked tendency of increasing joint ventures companies head of investment money and platforms financing for new projects dedicated to the market for African investment, many of them began working year this month, and the fact that there was no better than that to invest in Africa's future time.