Creating and Training an Export Administration

With this service, B2B helps your company to have a professional export department to fulfill its export objectives.


Your Export Profile

Each company willing to get into the export world should have an export profile, which contains all the company’s data of interest to its clients from different countries together with a highly and professionally illustrated catalog in like with the highest global technical specifications.


Export-oriented Website

Companies need a tailored website to export their products. Many companies opt to a mistaken opinion that a website developed in advance would be appropriate for export. On the contrary, export websites are wholly different from officials ones of companies and plants. B2B will provide you with a website, which is more of an office worldwide facilitating selling and buying.


You are No. 1 on Search Engines

Internet has become the first choice for an exporter or trader to look for information and prices. Therefore, we endeavor to make your company’s name and marketing offer among top ten on google, attracting many clients to your company.


Competitor Analysis

We analyze your competitors from all over the world and develop plans to compete with them, attract new clients and spot your client’s strengths and weaknesses.



We conduct a pricing study of a would-be-exported product to achieve profitability and competitiveness at the same time. Our study is based on examination of prices and costs.


Staff Training

We provide staff so that they can discharge the above tasks and have access to export opportunities for the company. They are also trained in logistics within ports to finalize exports as per local rules

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