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which is larger b2b or b2c e-marketing

What is the real answer of "which is larger b2b or b2c e-marketing "?

This is a common question that many people are asking while others know the answer surely and see it obviously. To determine which is larger b2b or b2c e-marketing we have to focus the light on some points first then you will clearly know the answer yourself.

The core point of this knows the difference between b2b and b2c, b2b is referring to business to business and b2c is referring to business to consumer.

While deciding to start a career business it is pretty important to know the differences between business to business marketing and business to consumer marketing because it may cause financial loss to you!

Have a look on the b2b market, and the consumer market. You will find out that although consumer market gets more attention but in real, b2b market is bigger. Do you know the number of b2b companies and markets which create together big entity in b2b field as well as the money value which is much bigger in the b2b market than it is in the consumer market? Let's see.

Which is larger b2b or b2c e-marketing?

Business to business markets are small and vertical, which are comprised with thousands of sales with about 100,000 prospects. But the business to consumer markets are largely spread abroad for thousands to millions prospects in fact. The process of purchasing product in b2b field is complicated and take too much time may be up to several months. But the b2c purchase process takes few minutes which is really short and direct purchase process. And even the sales process in b2b field is not easy doing it needs plans and strategies due to consultative selling process which depends on studying the client's needs and product features. But the b2c is an easy manner that depends on persuading the clients with the product at the retail store for instance and that's it. Of course the value on the b2b market and costs are bigger than the prices on the b2c market, as the company will purchase with thousands dollar cost but the client can purchase with one thousand dollar max if not less.

So marketing on the b2b businesses depends on creating brand identity through personal business relationships and the consultative selling processes while the marketing on the b2c businesses depends on advertising and social media as well as the way you present your products and help the customer make instant and sudden decision to purchase your product while passing by.

The marketers in the b2b business can use the industry jargon to make and effective result with the b2b platforms, but on the b2c business the message must be related to the needs of the consumers which demands on using fewer buzzwords and use a friendly tone in the message. Which is larger b2b or b2c e-marketing The audiences that b2b marketers target are efficiently and professionally chosen. But the b2c audiences are targeted with some entertainment and friendly language and typically emotionally like desire or hunger for instance. The b2b clients will go to be well educated, have a good deal of experience and expertise. While the b2c customers just want to satisfy him with the needs he wants. It is simpler than what the b2b client seeks and wants. To speak to a b2b audience you will need a marketing and sales team because you are expected to talk to a professional audience. The content will have so many details and scientific info. While the b2c customer just needs to know how his needs will be met through using your product and the message will mostly have emotions to affect him. The b2b audience will prefer long messages with so many information but the b2c customer will prefer short and funny message which contains the specific info he needs to know and search about. Here you can just mention the advantage of the product and how will it take part in satisfying the client. As well you won't neglect that you have competitors and their products are spreading through the same market so that the customer is waiting to know what's different with your product and why should he go to buy your product while he is in the safe zone with his favorite product that he is buying years ago for instance. So here you will direct a short chatty and friendly message that will mention those attractive features.

There is another point which is that the b2c client doesn't tend to make long relationship with you like the b2b client which is searching for long term relationship in business. As well, b2b crowd tends to build close relationships with brands. As b2b decisions are going to be more active with long term goals while the b2c decisions are just instant and short term. The buying cycle itself in b2b business is longer than the buying cycle in b2c business. B2b contracts will last for long months or even years but b2c decisions are lasting few minutes only.

The thing that the two kinds of marketing have in common is the challenge of creating content to attract the target audience. Although it differs from one type another but the challenge it is not easy. To make content that is unique, attractive and hitting the goal here is the point.  The conclusion is, b2c marketing may need more budgets that b2b as the advertising must be heavy and traffic must be bigger. But the b2b marketing is larger and more complicated with the way it needs studying and strategies or plans which cannot be randomly created. The matter needs some professional and experienced stuff not like the b2c marketing advertising which can be easily planned through knowing customer's needs, market weak points and competitor's features. It is easy to convenient a b2c customer with the message but it is much harder to do so with the b2b client which is not easy going and simple like the b2c customer.