05 يناير
wholesale distributors

What is a wholesale distributors?

The certified wholesale distributors is an entity or company which is responsible for handling the shipping of wholesale shipments, they ship the products from the manufacturers to the retailer or sometimes directly to the customers. They have a warehouse or a distribution center for sure and the real certified distributors are the best to deal with.

The real certified wholesale distributors are the only kind of suppliers for you and the retailers that offer the original wholesale prices because they are the origin and real suppliers so that you will get the real wholesale prices.

What is a wholesale distributors doing in more details…

The wholesale distributor are directly connected to the product manufacturer, they get the products at their real wholesale price and drop it into their warehouse, the certified ones are trusted and the manufacturer knows them well so he let them pick up large quantities of his products as well the distributors create ship bulk for his quantities. Then the wholesale distributor will distribute and ship the products to the people who will sell them at retail "retailers", sometimes they provide drop shipping service for the retailers so they ship the products to the customers directly.

wholesale distributors

The challenge is how to find a real certified distributor that will not cheat you in the prices and will be trusted, the bigger challenge is finding a certified wholesale distributor that not only drop ship but also works with the online wholesalers and online sellers. The online selling nowadays becomes more popular and big sub economy though some wholesalers are remaining reluctant to let the products be sold online.

How to find a wholesale distributors?

Now you are –as a wholesaler- looking for a wholesale distributors after knowing what is a wholesale distributors doing for you, here are some tips of how to find the appropriate wholesale distributors:

  • Understand and Learn more about you industry and the distribution channels of your industry, the way the product is being gone from the manufacturer to the retailer differs and it is not just one typical way, there are many different ways, because not all the wholesalers are serving the same market, you have to know when exactly your industry fit in the supply chain.
  • Have a look on the wholesaler's types, there is the manufacturer first, here is the one who create or manufactured the product and you can buy directly from him like when you buy from a boutique store. There is the importer which is called the exclusive distributor of the product, as in some industries the companies may have the rights to both import the product and distribute it in certain markets or certain countries. There are also the local or regional wholesalers and finally the jobbers which are delivering daily deliveries to grocers for instance. Now you know which kind are you and this may help you what is a wholesale distributors that fits you and your needs.
  • Try to buy from the manufacturers directly first, especially if you are selling imported products, this will save you costs and will be great if their minimum orders quantity is suitable for your budget. Otherwise if they couldn't sell to you directly you can ask them for the preferred lists of distributors that they are trusting in. think about having the lowest prices and affording the less costs, this will let you sell with competitive prices in the global emporium, right?
  • After having a list of wholesale distributors contacts that you got from a manufacturer learn more about the minimum order of each distributor and find out what suits your budget and what are their unit price, and do not think it is a good think to sound like your business is big, instead be simple and friendly and write a message as short as it is possible. You can also follow up with phone calls after sending an email.
  • Surfing the internet is useful, and you can search Google for the wholesale distributor with keywords you need to search about, you can also reach the best distributing channels by searching for wholesale distributors plus your product name or model number.
  • eBay sometimes have small wholesalers who may sell a lot of your product on it though eBay targets the retail consumers mainly but you can find wholesale distributors and this may be easy for your start.

wholesale distributors

  • Join business networks and groups in the industry you are working in, the retailers may not share their secrets with you and the other competitors, they won't tell you any information about their business so you need forums and some professional groups to help you gain the experience, when you begin having relationships with the insiders of your industry you will one day be an insider for sure, take part in the online forums and take care of building your LinkedIn Profile so that you can build connections, try also to subscribe newsletters that are related to your industry then you are building a business network.
  • Subscribe the publications that are related to your industry like magazines, newsletters and every advertisement. May be you will find a product manufacturer that need to reach you by these published advertisements especially those who are in the back of the magazine. Do not forget to visit their website by the way.
  • Trade Shows are another opportunity to meet people and get in touch with them real so that you can build business relationships and present your services too, exchanging business cards will build future deals with another business and make connections with wholesalers and wholesale distributors too. This will make you avoid the in correct or not updated data and ignored emails or phone calls
  • The last tip is that everybody one way or another has made mistakes in the beginning so do not be afraid to make a mistake or even lose money this is business and the business world cannot be empty of loss or some faults that you will absolutely learn from it.