05 يناير
Export Products

India Export Products Example

Export means selling a specific merchandise or product abroad and overseas, it means that your product will be shipped to another country to be bought rather that selling it in your home country.

For sure this makes profit to you and as much as your company has exports as much as the income increases. There are some countries that have a big deal with exporting products like China and India. They export products in many types and kinds. Especially India which is the fastest economy growing in all countries, according to recent surveys. The country's export amount 44% has risen in 2014 with total export rate 318 billion $ and has accumulated to about 7.9 trillion dollars in that year. Also China is famous for the cloth, children toys and electrical machines. And many countries import from china because of cheap prices as wholesalers make a big profit from imported merchandises from China.

India export products example...

the Petroleum products: (with 61.2 billion $):

Products that are oil based, the country depends on oil imports and exports as well.

Precious stones: (with 41.2 billion $)

About 20% of the global gold production is consumed to India and about 75% of this 20% made as jewelry. Banks and government policies are supporting jewelry sector as the gold industry does not lose or fall.

United States is importing about 30% of jewelry from India then other countries like UAE and Hong Kong a such and such and such…

Automobile: (with 14.5 billion $)

The automobile exports in India has been rising 17% from year 2008 to year 2013 which is one of the quick growth in economy that has never happened in this sector before. India Invests in the automobile exports a lot.

export products 

Machinery (with 13.6 billion $)

The Indian Export of heavy machines has increased 10.5% and this includes heavy machines, building equipment and cars.

 These are the top exports of India as an instance that when countries export products they can affect economy.

Regardless the company size or business size, today it is so much easier to cross with your products the globe, small and moderate size companies can export more than ever before.  And global trade is growing every day and likely to grow more in the future. The new world trade agreement speeds the flow of exporting and importing goods and services over borders and reduced the customs and fees involved in this procedure.

You may sell your products online, as your merchant website for instance is going to be visited by people in other countries and they can order your product and it will go to them by shipping, they will afford customs and shipping fees and they may pay by credit card or visa. Also you can send your products with a trader that will sell the products at retail and maybe he is a wholesaler which pays the cost in a cheap price and travel with the products to sell them to another consumers in another country and here it is important to make sure that the product you export is with high quality and good image for your company and your country as well. Also if you are selling through website make sure that the product is as beautiful as the image that you uploaded to the website because many buyers through the internet face the problem of buying a product which is totally different from the image of it on the website, they might not be able to resend it to you but they will badmouth you and may make a bad review on your website on social media accounts and their feedback will affects you badly as people will be afraid of buying a product then face such a situation, this is critical and will lead to bad results so from the beginning try to check the high qualified material of your exported products.

You must not depend only on local market. Expanding your business and your company name demands spreading your products in other markets and other countries. This can also be profitable and sure affects your income. This exposes you to new trade environment with new strategies, let you recognize new consumers with different nationalities and different needs, make surveys to study their markets and know what exactly will bomb in their markets which is thirsty for the imported product. This will lead you to use unique marketing techniques and competing technology that will improves your ability to compete and sell in your domestic market.

The exporting companies has better income results and has been prospected easily, their productivity has been increased as well. Exporting products demand efficiency and smart methodologies. It is not a piece of cake it is really a big deal!

You also must stick to an export strategy as it is essential in your plan. After searching the market and knowing its need, make a plan and let every involved person in this plan aware of it and its strategy. Making strategy helps you define your targets and aims of export and make you match them to your resources. Your strategy will help you manage the sectors of the importing market and focusing on your resources that are unique and needed in the other country. And the well strategy of export that is efficiently developed will help you deal with service providers and achieve your goals in an organize way.

Of course, your export strategy must go with your company basic plan and integrated with it, as following exports report and tasks will go with the basic daily operations without conflicting them. And as much as the international activities are important as much as the domestics.

 So with a plan your efforts will go to the right task, with an organizing strategy you will achieve the success for your company and expand your business by exporting high quality products to other international markets and get back to you with high profit.