16 يناير
Export companies

Export companies business how it works?

If you have small-to-medium sized export companies and look forward to expand it globally you will easily achieve your target after following some steps and achieving some points that we will mention in this article. We know that you are aiming to reach and find new markets and new segments all over the worldwide.

It is easier today to  sell goods or services overseas and across globe than ever before, especially in U.S, as the small sized and medium sized export companies are exporting more than any time else in the past.

 Secrets to expand export companies: 

The four secret keys for this to be happened are:  adaptability, modesty, good listening and patience.

Adaptability is being flexible and adapting to all different kinds of cultures, as you will export your products and services to different countries which its people are thinking in different ways and have their own culture that will absolutely refuse the product or service that reflects it. So you need to learn more about the importing country culture before steering your product to its markets.

Export companies

Modesty means whatever the big your business becomes stay aware that you have weakness points, work on them and never neglect them. And whenever you are number one there are always enemies that in another term called "competitors" which will try all the time to jump over you. If your pride defeats you modesty you will lose your position and this will be a big lose.

The good listening skills will rescue you from the mistakes you will do without discussing with anyone. The one person mind can't see all the problem sides and can't create a plan or a strategy 100% right and successful. If your employees try to pull your attentions for some weak point don't ignore their thoughts because most of the times they are right and your point of view is wrong.

In the world of business you have to be patient, you will never grow rapidly in one day or two, your's export companies will be expanded by the good research and effective strategies and most important of all the good reputation which will never be built in short period of time this will take years to be great.

Do not forget to search and learn more about the importing country formalities like the greetings way and dress codes as well as the personal space rules, appropriate gestures, dining time and the etiquette.

If you will create big deals with the country that you will dealing with it for long term business so make some efforts searching for its history, study some of their local basic words of languages and it is better if you can have the chance of traveling to their even one time.

Regular trade channels:

The trade channel is the way and method of transporting the merchandises and products from the original manufacturer to the end user which is the customer. This can be happening in many ways, one of them is having a middleman which resells the products to customers and this is a channel of distribution with three level type. This middleman can be a distributing company or a merchant who buys the merchandises at wholesale prices then sells them at retail or a broker.

You can deal with any type of trade swimmers like:

  1. The wholesale distributor or a distributor: This can be a company that takes the merchandises from the manufacturer and distribute them through many channels until reaching the end user.
  2. The manufacturer representative: which is a sales representative specializes in some product category that he is specified in like the electronic products for example and he can provide with warehouse or some technical supports.
  3. Representative: also can present your products to a wholesaler or retailer but it is not necessary that he is specialized in your product field or category.
  4. The retailer: he is the end of channel as the next hand will be the end user or the customer.

Target Market research:

The next tip to be more successful and growing is, do some effort to make it work, expanding business is not something for free and if you want to have a big exporting company you must be different in the techniques and strategies than you have followed before.

First of all it is so important to search the internet and make surveys or researches about the market you are speaking to and want to boost your products and services. Imagine that you are exporting inappropriate products that are reflecting with country culture you will definitely gain nothing. Or you aim to have profit from exporting merchandises that the country's market is full of lots of them. The matter needs researching and knowing the competitors weak points.

Export companies

Products Quality

Your products will be sold only if they match the quality measurements and they are safe, healthy and attractive. If one element of those is missing then your product has no high quality so that you will not be number one as well you will not gain the required position in the market competitors list.

The most important thing to expand your export business is your good respectable reputation and this is depending mainly on the high quality materials of your products.

Right Stuff:

Qualified and experienced employees save you a lot of troubles, not any hard worker can work in the field of international trading as this demands an employee which likes this challenges and always think what will be happened next.

There are some employees which are stick to routine and they stay waiting for what will be happening soon without thinking in different ways those employees are not likely to succeed in importing or exporting and the international trade world does not include this type of employees, also the enthusiastic dynamo employee who always create the idea and follow it as well he loves the excitements and the ups and downs in this career is the right person in your stuff.