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B2C Auto Parts

Best Guide for B2C Auto Parts for Perfect Cars

  • Introduction to B2C Auto Parts

     If you are not a specialist in business, you might not be familiar with the term “b2c”. Simply, b2c stands for business-to-customer, or in other words, selling a certain product or a service to customers through various types of stores. When it comes to the term “b2c auto parts”, it simply means selling spare components to consumers and it is anything related to your cars or automobiles, and this topic definitely concerns many people as owning a car has become a necessity in this busy world and fast-paced events. It is highly recommended that any person, who is about to buy a car, should read well about the type of car, s/he is going to buy, and the availability of its spare parts.

  • Main B2C Auto Parts

      The high quality of a car is decided according to the level of each single part of the car; therefore, the prospective car owner is supposed to fully understand the parts of the car so that s/he can judge its quality in a later step. Here are some names of auto parts and their functions:

1. Car battery

    A car battery is the core part of an automobile as it is responsible for starting it from the very beginning.

2. Brakes

      The brake is the tool that helps slow down or stop the car completely. There are two types of brakes that can guarantee your safety; they are the service brakes and the emergency brakes. Service brakes refer to serving your car by stepping on the car pedal. On the other hand, emergency brakes refer to the ones operated by hand to prevent the car from moving in case of emergencies when the service brakes stop working suddenly.

3. Car Axles

     A pair of car axles is two bars joining the car’s front pair of turning wheels and the car’s back pair. Actually, axles might stop turning the wheels if the car is driven over bumps or unpaved roads; moreover, the metal of axles may rust because of reacting with air and water, and this most probably results in breakage down or failure.

4. Radiator

     This is a crucial part of the car’s whole system as it protects the engine and never lets its heat exceed the normal limits. The biggest challenge facing drivers is replacing radiators when they break down, as their cost is not affordable.

5. Engine Fan

     Despite being an engine coolant, the radiator still needs help. In some cases, the radiator’s temperature is hotter than expected, which might lead to its malfunction. Therefore, the engine fan acts as a savior to protect the temperature of the radiator through keeping air flowing over it. Interestingly, the fan is turned on only when the radiator is subject to extremely hot temperatures.

6. Transmission

     The transmission is a metal box that contains the car’s gears, and it helps transfer the engine energy to the wheels. As a result of the transference process, this energy results in moving the driven car.   Transmissions are two types: automatic and manual. There is a controversy, about which type is better, but what experts believe in is that automatic transmission in the latest advanced cars does not waste a lot of fuel; manual transmission is cheaper in the case of replacing or repairing, though. The reason, the manual transmission is more reasonable, is the availability of its spare parts in many stores.

7. Air filter

     The car should embrace two types of air filter: one for the car’s engine and the other for the driver’s breath. The function of engine air filter is to keep away any contaminants from the air that is sucked into the engine in order to combine with fuel to run the car, and that is why the air drawn by the engine must pass through the air filter. The other type of air filter is operated to support the job of the air conditioner and kick off any pollutants in the air entering the car. It is highly recommended to replace these files every now and then.

8. Catalytic Convertor

     It is very beneficial to the car as it limits the emission of gas from the car. Fortunately, converters are rarely replaced as they usually have a long lifespan; furthermore, they can be easily tested and repaired.

  • Why are Honda b2c auto parts trustworthy?

    According to the historical records, Soichiro Honda founded Honda in 1948. It is globally agreed that Honda is one of the biggest companies that manufactures cars.  Remarkably, Honda, as a company, has met the requirements of the international markets to the max as it has manufactured various types of cars, and due to its outstanding design and high-quality auto parts, this has awarded it irreplaceable reputation.

    The advantages of owning a Honda car are numerous. First of all, the battery is very easy to start. Plus, the fuel tank is really efficient as it does not emit a lot of fuel. Moreover, the engine operates quietly. Significantly, Honda manufacturer chooses its dealers so carefully so as to provide its customers a perfect service throughout the whole world, and this guarantees its customers an efficient service and maintenance of its auto parts. More importantly, the dealers of Honda are obliged to use the original spare parts in any repairing process so as to assure customers the famous high quality of Honda.

  • How have BMW b2c auto parts gained its current perfect reputation?

   BMW customers trust it due to its competency across the world. The significance of BMW, as one of the best global manufacturers, has been noticed for around a century so far, and this has been reached due to the perseverance of all its founders to deliver incomparable products. It has been proven that BMW auto parts are long lasting for being well-manufactured, besides the vehicle, as a whole, is equipped with many features that assure its drivers’ security and comfort. Moreover, advanced technological options occupy a broad space in BMW cars, which let the drivers and the passengers enjoy the ride.  For those having a special taste, BMW offers them various unique models and looks that are not found anywhere else.