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B2B Sales Leads

B2B Sales Leads

Of course you may have noticed that cold calling and purchasing b2b lists are the common used ways to get b2b sales leads but the fact is, it don't work effectively or in another meaning, these are not the best ways to get b2b sales leads. As cold calling does not get back to you with the expected results, and purchasing b2b lists is expensive and affords you high costs. Beside the high costs you can't ignore the reality that there are many clients "most of the list" don't know you and don't even want to know you or need your cooperation, so your emails or whatever the contacting way you will get in touch with them through you will be ignored.

So let's talk about other ways to get b2b sales leads, one of the most effective ways is the inbound marketing. This smart way really works for attracting your potential targeted leads online, rather than following and seeking after them. There is a study claimed that b2b companies that use inbound marketing strategies generate leads with about 67% more than the companies that don't use it.

b2b sales leads

Are you looking for B2b sales leads?

Here is a hint that you did not ever think about, that the b2b sales leads which you are seeking for are actually looking for you as well as your competitors online. So what make you be easily found? The answer is:

  • The Attractive content for the ideal customers, you don't need to attract any customers but you need to attract the qualified ones which you had previously collected data about them. What are their mission, goals, weak points, challenges, interests and their level in the competition landscape? The content must be relevant and based on educational researches. Keywords are the words that your target audience is searching online so if you collect them you will create the appropriate appeals that attract them. Social media is an effective channel too so activates your social media accounts and posts the up to date information professionally, also follow the target audience's social media accounts as well. So if you did all so, you will be surprised with the amount of prospected visitors that visit your site.
  • First of all you did for sure study and learn more about the inbound marketing and what does it mean exactly. Inbound marketing is not magic for sure but at least it helps you reach your target leads by creating the qualified content so when they search for specified content they find your site showed up and is offers exactly what they need.
  • Now they have visited your site and this is the perfect time to convert them from just visitors to leads. If they are visiting your site regularly then capture their contacts and personal data to follow them, this happens by asking them to fill out any kind of form or e book with their business information. Then they will find attractive and well -designed page that contains the offer and ability to share it through social media accounts.

b2b sales leads

  • Now you have converted the visitor to a lead, and it is time to convert the lead into a paying customer. First make the data in order by organizing them into CRM that make you able to interact with segments in the list. Then send emails that are relevant, automated and useful to a dozen of contacts as per their purchases, interests and the content they have accesses previously in the past. So without phone calls you were able to build trust and push your prospect to make the decision.
  • Get your customers inspired, engaged and up to date informed, because you have to have a loyal customer who is always following you and in touch, this won't happen unless you kept getting in touch with them, inspire them and inform them with each and every update as well as the new good services that may help them. This way you will gain a long term relation with the client as long as he is satisfied and find you interested in knowing whether he is satisfied and delighted or not.
  • The design is very important to generate b2b sales leads, if your offer or idea isn't well designed this will reflect on your image badly, we can't ignore self-first impression as the qualified and professional website shows up from behind a professionally high qualified design, this will build trust, admiration and guarantee to the content which is an offer or service or even such an idea.
  • Build your image on social media, having a profile on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is really vital for the b2b leads generation. Followers on social media accounts may turned into b2b sales leads or even just sharing your profile may get back to you with b2b sales leads and this is very powerful channel nowadays don't ignore it. Even the big b2b sales leads companies can't ignore the power of social media it is not because they need to get results but also because they want to be in their target audience mind all the time.
  • In every occasion you can seize the opportunity and get in touch with users to always keep yourself in the front of the mind.

b2b sales leads

  • Make a small mail campaign as test, send them to a small group of users and check its effective percentage. Then follow up the email two days later to offer a phone call or b2b meeting. This is positive and professional way and it's not hard to follow up with small quantity of contacts which you determined by the relevance and highly needed cooperation's.

It takes some work to make it work…

Working hard will come back to you with great results, it's easy to purchase b2b sales leads but it costs a lot, it's not easy to work for getting free b2b sales leads but it's more professional and effective. It takes some work to make it work so keep all above elements in mind to move on through the b2b sales world.