28 مارس

B2B Platform: The Answers To All Your Questions.

I bet that you have a small or a medium growing enterprise of your own and you have joined the B2B platform. The question you must be asking is why do they choose a B2B platform? How do business owners choose one suitable for them? What does this platform bring to them? Are there any problems after choosing your platform?

Today all your questions will be answered here.

Why Do Business Owners Choose a B2B Platform? What Are Its Advantages?

New small or medium businesses, like yours, could face some challenges and new opportunities by e-commerce. Not only that, e-commerce also solves many problems and difficulties for your business.

Your small or medium business can compete against those large businesses by realizing the growing importance of information and knowledge competition using a business-to-business platform.

The Main 3 Advantages Of Using Business To Business Platforms:

1. The business platform will give you the chance to join any international competition. You will have more opportunities to sell your product or services worldwide and reach the global market easily.

2. Whenever there is a change in the international market, the business platform will help you to respond appropriately to these changes. The business platform will simplify the trading process and methods as your small or medium business gets a large amount of information of the international market.

It will help you quicken the development of your business by shortening the marketing chain and overcoming any problem of long geographic distance. You will have the chance to adapt effectively and positively to the international changes.

3. With the business platform, you can take advantage of earning higher profits at a lower cost in the international trade projects.Your profits effectiveness will be largely increased using the platform.

You can perform several online operational procedures, for instance; signing contacts, paying taxes, making orders, booking charters and more.

The platform will make it easier for you as it shortens the transaction time and makes it very convenient while reducing its cost.

The lower is the cost of network management, communication, the more storage swapping your small or medium business will get, and information that is more efficient processing. This will save you so much money!

How Will Choose A Suitable Business Platform For Your Business?

When it comes to choosing your business platform, especially when it is that beneficial for you, there could be some problems while choosing your platform.

Here are the 5 common problems and how to solve them:

1. Your business platform should be in two languages, English and Chinese:

 Your B2B website should have a right development model to save more money, solve any unnecessary troubles and gain a huge profit from your business.

Your English website should have reliable and real information presented in a good, clear way. You should not present the information in a bulk form or make it accumulate.


2. Your business platform should be in a mature state abroad or at home:

 This will be determined by the search engine results. There is nowadays some advanced search engine technology and tools that will allow to monitor your conversation in a convenient and rapid way.

This will give you accurate results that will satisfy you as you will get to see your customers who took action your business website and how many were driven to you by the search engine.

There is one important tip we would like to say here, is to make the content on your website of value to keep your customer interested in your product or service.

3. Strongly Promote Your Website Locally And Globally:

Your business website should participate in international exhibitions like China-Asean Expo, Canton Fair, and China International Consumer Goods Fair. These international exhibits have a solid foundation abroad, lots of information of international buyers and raise their profile worldwide.

4. Your business platform should have a good yet reasonable pricing design:

For example, let us look at Alibaba. This is a very famous business website yet it costs more than the other business websites. Your most important principal, as a small or medium business owner, is to economize on expenditure and increase your income. Therefore, you should highly take into consideration the cost of your business website.

5. Be Persistent Once You Choose Your Business Platform And Continue Working On It:

It is very important to acknowledge, as a business owner, the significance of adhering to your business platform principals to make your business reach success. As you develop along with your way of business growth, your buyers and customers can tell how stable your business is and how it is growing.

Especially these days, experiencing the financial crisis and economic fall, you should do such low-cost advertising online to accept the limited orders and keep yourself far from the exclusion.

What Are The Problems That Could Face Me After Choosing My Business Platform?

To be completely honest with you, you could face two main yet major mistakes as a small or medium business owner after choosing your suitable platform.

1. You Did not Plan Enough:

When you lack planning and only pay attention to short-term results and goals then you are making a big mistake! As a business owner, you should a plan for each and every step during your business and development, for instance for establishing the information platform, obtaining and releasing the information and completing the supply chain management system. 

2. You Blindly Chose Your Business Platform:

As a small or medium business owner, you should avoid the mistake made by many others and that is to choose your business platform blindly. Some business owners forget to combine their actual development situation and only pursuit for the reputation for their business platform. You shouldn’t fall for this very big mistake.

It is possible that this reputed B2B platform now has had many members of your business and handfuls of pages of products or services. Consider that you were once a customer before turning into a business owner, do you think, as customer, you are going to click on your pages?

As a conclusion, you cannot get anything from the B2B platform where there are many suppliers and you cannot list your products or services in your first several pages.