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B2B call center

All about B2b call center services

All about B2b call center services

May you have faced the problem of receiving so many inbound calls and you can't manage them all, although you don't want to miss any of them. You even receive calls on non-traditional working hours as well and fed up!  So you really need something to help you.

On the other hand your b2b customers deserve receiving instant, accurate and helpful help through your call center and customer care services. Do not ignore the importance of this service as well make sure that they have the best support and feedbacks are excellent.

There are companies that are specified in providing call center services to b2b companies. Here are some points you have to consider before you hire b2b call Center Company:

First: there are call center companies that have inbound services only while others have outbound ones. You are the one who will specify what kind of service you need so that you will pick the company that serves your communication needs. Moreover, various contact centers offer variety kinds of solutions whether inbound or outbound such as the technical and sales supports, lead generation supports and live chat per instance.

Second find a contact center that has relevant infrastructure call setting that is suitable for your work kind. There are some kinds of works that will be difficult to manage the calls in person so in this case the b2b contact center will help you.

Third: the location of the b2b call Center Company is important because if the company is in another foreign country it would be difficult as per their native language which can be different from yours and your client's language as well as culture and ways of calls.

Fourth: the telemarketing team will appear as a part of your organization so make sure that you have picked a professional contact center which have employed professional employees with previous experience.

 Fifth: do not forget to ensure that there is a kind of security like the secure data measures per instance firewalls, virus scanner and data encryption.

Sixth: you won't find the same cost as per premium cost per every contact center; instead you will find a variety of prices. Before choosing one, read more about paying per hour, per agent and per response time for example.

Seventh: choose a company that do data analytics and performance reports to make you updated with their performance and this will help you make a decision after a while.

B2B call center

B2b call center or a virtual assistant?

There is an ugly truth about the contact center that we cannot ignore, which is, having a prospective customer waiting on the phone because the contact center is not just working for you, it is working for another businesses too. So there is a strong prospect that the client may get bored and switch over the phone before even reaching you and the relationship is kicked off before even speaking to the representative. The worst thing is even if your customer is lucky and he did reach the representative rapidly he may not find the sufficient answer that he was waiting because the representative is not specialized in the field you are working in!

So some people see that hiring a virtual assistant with the same cost that you pay for the b2b call center company would be more efficient and successful because the assistant will be dedicated to your company, well trained in your career and field, and will work as full time vacancy so that she can answer the phone all the day and knows the right answers that will make the customer satisfied.

Another point is, the kinds of client's problems are different, so if a customer has a bad experience with your product, the call center agent won't answer with the required tech solution! In this case the agent will reply with irrelevant answers and solutions just like are you internet connected? Or please restart your pc!

Of course, this is not working with the customers and they will get a bad feedback of your company not the contact center because the contact center is working as a part of your company and no one will figure out that this is outsource company which is just working for you!

Otherwise, the virtual assistant will concentrate on the phone call and promises to find a solution, she will call the customer back or email him until the problem is solved and the feedback will be awesome. After all you will build a customer's loyalty and although he has a problem you will find him thanking you!

The fact is that the calling customer expects a knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone, he can't recognize that this is not one of your representatives he is just a call center agent, rather than it, he really thinks that your company is receiving his call and he expects an instant solution for his problem. When he listens to the cool and calm reply from the call center agent "which actually does not care at all about your company" he get the feedback that your company is not helpful at all.

So now you will choose your way, either you decide to hire contact center and now you can surf the internet and search for hundreds of contact centers all over the world considering the mentioned points in the beginning to make it work, or find a virtual assistant who works as a special call center agent for your company and then you have to pick him or her accurately. It's preferred that he or she has a previous experience both at customer are and at your business field in general. His characteristics are so important as he have to be decent, good speaker and the most important to be a good listener, patient as he will receive some complains from angry customers and you won't like him to lose his temperature at all. The next step is training him for a while until he is ready to stand for your company.